The High Level, Open Source,
6502 Assembler for the Nintendo Entertainment System

NESHLA is an assembler for the Nintendo NES which gives the features of high level languages such as C without sacrificing any efficiency or speed. It structures and simplifies coding the NES, while still using assembly language. Compilers are inefficient for low end systems such as the NES. Even with optimizers, they would never produce code for fast action games or capable of tapping deep into the NES. It's the best of both worlds!

The assembler is packed with features, macros, functions and header files to make development quick and easy. It does the job, and has made my development on the game Grand Theftendo much easier. However, there is still room for an endless amount of features, tweaks and additions. That's where you come in! Anyone interested in joining the project and contributing is more than welcome! It's written in standard C and should compile and work on any platform with little or no modification. So whatever platform is your choice for development, you can help out!

For more information on the language, have a look at the documentation.


The Open Source Project

There are a number of features I would love to see added to NESHLA.


NESHLA Programming Manual

By Brian Provinciano

Last Updated: April 17th, 2005


Brian Provinciano